Yes, today’s story was born from a time crunch, while being stuck waiting for someone at a pub. I’ve always thought “stewing” was a funny (although perfectly appropriate) way to describe anger, but when I thought about it today, it brought up a funny image.

The noise is the broth, the other patrons the veggies, and if my companions would just arrive, the pressure of sitting here alone after telling the hostess I was expecting a group would be lessened, as with the lifting of the lid on a pot of stew.

So, this perceived time crunch still left me with a few minutes to log a #vss. Thanks, you guys who have stood me up (or, at best, are 30 minutes late)!

Aly stewed, alone, imaginig the pub’s patrons to be her companion vegetables & every crack of the door the lifting of the pot’s lid. #vss


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