Loosen up!

All the girls protested they could not dance, yet In his arms they spun with ease. But Penny, he pushed away, declaring her too stiff. #vss

This happened to a friend of mine at a bar a few years ago, a poor soul who refused to let go. She is smart, witty, kind and strong, but she’s also strong-willed, controlling and independent.

I thought of this scene tonight, because I’m realizing I can be this way in my writing. I refuse to let my imagination run most of the time, because I’m afraid it will lead to a place with questions I won’t know the answer to.

I don’t really know why my friend couldn’t let go with that stranger at the bar that night, but I suspect it’s not that different from the reasons I won’t let my imagination go: it’s scary to relinquish control.

I can’t have all the answers. I should allow the writer in me to make them up, without fear of feeling foolish. So what if she’s wrong? Maybe we’ll both learn something.


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